Vienna sightseeing tour

Many different facets of the city of Vienna inspire visitors since long time. Meet magnificent baroque to modern architecture and contemporary art. The range of attractions in Vienna is almost endless . More than a hundred museums attract year after year countless visitors to the city.

Hotel-Pension Haydn organizes your sightseeing tour

The team of the Hotel-Pension Haydn assist you in choosing your sightseeing destinations and can arrange your own individual tour of Vienna . Choose from a wide range of museums, attractions and recreational activities .

Vienna is a hot spot for young and modern locations and restaurants . Around the city of Vienna there are numerous exceptional bars and cafes that are worth discovering.

In this abundance of offers you just have to decide. Ultimately, it is up to you whether you want to walk on the paths of the Habsburgs, Mozart or the Empress Sissi , or if you want to discover Vienna at your own.



Opera and Concert
Konzerte im Schönbrunn:
Wiener Mozart Konzerte:
Wiener Philharmoniker:
Wiener Sängerknaben:
Strauss  Klassische Konzert:
Mozart Konzerte:
Vienna Classic:

Museums in Vienna
Kunsthistorisches Museum:
Naturhistorisches Museum:
Museum für Moderner Kunst:
Museum Haydn (Haydn Haus):
Wien Museum:

Objects of Interest
Spanische Hofreitschule:
Schloss Schönbrunn:
Schloss Belvedere:


We support you with advice and stay on your side and look forward to seeing you in Vienna!

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